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Hi, my name is Chris Lewicki and I'm from Poland. For the past fifteen years computer graphic is a pillar of my professional life. Giving me the opportunity for self-realization, web design is my true passion. Every project outgoing from my hands has its own unique atmosphere and is filled with creative expression, making it stands out against the other projects.

As freelancer, uninhibited by superiors' guidelines, I'm able to offer designs that are characterized by a unique artistic merit and at the same time corresponds at the clients expectations. Graphics design requires talent and experience - these ones I acquired over the past years working for a large interactive agencies, and executing projects for companies such as Philip Morris Poland, Libet SA whether Cyfra Plus.

Feel free to cooperate,
Chris Lewicki

web design

XXIst century will be certainly associated with the Internet. In the current era of its development, it has no equal and today many people can not imagine their own existence without the Internet, because the potential that it carries is truly enormous. I also belong to this group of people, which is why web design is the base of my work. Below you can find examples of my web designs:


In my case, graphic design is not associated with websites only. There are also presentations, application interfaces, flyers, posters or elements of corporate identities - such as logos, business cards, letterheads, etc.

Non-commercial graphics

Presentation of the company Libet SA

Sample screens of the multimedia presentation for the company Libet SA

Business cards

Applications layouts

Examples of screens made ​​for two applications - computer game "Freaky tuner" and a program designed to learn English - "English Teacher".



Some say: one picture is worth more than a thousand words. I think, they're right. However, in my opinion, if you want to take a fascinating picture, you do not need to have the equipment from the top shelf. The principle is simple: passion is always one step ahead of technology. So, equipped with Nikon D50 I walk through here and there trying to capture the beauty of the architecture of Poland, and also I'm trying to keep in the frame the color and the uniqueness of the accompanying me moments.

Architecture of Poland


Do you need web design, logotype or other graphic form? Something is unclear? Please write confidently using the following e-mail address. For any questions I will try to answer as soon as possible.